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Nuclear Industry 
in Germany


“Wismut” is the short name of the company. From 1946 to 1953, it was a Soviet stock corporation; so the complete name was “SAG Wismut”, where SAG stands for Sowjetische Aktiengesellschaft, and Wismut is the German name for bismuth – it was used to conceal the true purpose of the enterprise. From 1954 to 1991, it was a joint Soviet-German stock corporation (50% / 50%); so the complete name was “SDAG Wismut”, where SDAG stands for “Sowjetisch-Deutsche Aktiengesellschaft.” In December 1991, the company was completely taken over by the government of the united Germany and was converted to a limited company; the name thus is now “Wismut GmBH”, where GmbH stands for Ltd. But during all these years, the company was usually referred to as simply “Wismut”.